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„Xingkelai и BMS Factory“ заедно градат нов вкус

На 1 јуни 2020 година, компанијата на брендот Dongguan Xingkelai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. и BMS Factory стана стратешки партнери!

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Xingkelai Wang introduced the company's historical development process and important strategic development directions, and reached a consensus on the establishment of strategic partnerships in areas such as telescopic penis, vibrators and vibrators. The two parties will make full use of each other's experts and hardware resources, actively explore innovative technologies and standards in the industry, and achieve complementary advantages and win-win cooperation.

„Овој пат BMS Factory стигна до„ стратешкиот партнер “на Xingkelai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., што е афирмација на BMS Factory за техничкиот квалитет, свесноста за услугата и долгорочната соработка на Xing kelai и е највисоката чест што им се доделува на партнерите На

BMS Factory has been producing high-quality toys for the evolving adult novelty market. Steve Bannister, the founder and CEO of BMS Factory, has a long history in the industry. In 1983, he opened a small retail store in Toronto, Canada, selling high-quality adult products in a friendly and welcoming environment.